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Cognito Forms Support Service Catalog

Cognito Forms Support Service Catalog

There's nothing more frustrating than when something goes wrong or not as expected. If you get stuck with your Cognito Forms, give our experts a call. They're here to help and can quickly get you back on track.

Not sure what to request? That's ok, just contact our support and we can assist.

Note: Each service in the catalog costs only one credit from your subscription. However, the nature of a request or issue could require combining multiple services, and therefore require multiple credits.

Cognito Forms Service Catalog

Create or Update Cognito Forms Form
This service includes:
  • Creation or Update Cognito Forms Form
  • Update of Form Settings
  • Update of Payment Settings
  • Update of Workflow
  • Update of Users
Create or Update Cognito Forms Custom Document
This service includes:
  • Create or Update Custom Document such as:
    • File Name
    • Decription
    • Role
    • Template Type (Standard | Custom)
    • Word Template Customization
    • Output (PDF | Word)
    • Custom Fonts (Customer Must Provide Font Template)
Create or Update Cognito Forms Branding
This service includes:
  • Update Header Styles such as:
    • Logo
    • Alighment (Left | Center | Right)
    • Title Font (Font | Font Size | Style | Color)
    • Background (Color)
    • Hide Embedded Header

  • Update Form Styles such as:
    • Field Style
    • Heading (Font | Font Size | Style | Color)
    • Labels (Font | Font Size | Style | Color)
    • Text (Font | Font Size | Style | Color)
    • Links (Color)
    • Button Text (Font | Font Size | Style | Color)
    • Button Backgrounds (Color)
    • Highlights (Color)
    • Placeholder Text (Color)
    • Form Backgrounds (Color)
    • Max Form Width
    • Embedded Form Margin

  • Update Page Styles such as:
    • Page Background (Color)
    • Page Background Image

* To update all Cognito Forms (i.e. Updating your website, and need to update all forms).

Assistance with Entries
This service includes:
  • Create or Update Entry Views
  • Assistance with Sorting | Filtering Entries
  • Assistance with Actions (Mark As | Change Status | Import | Export | Delete | Submit | Update) Entries
Create or Update Account Information
This service includes:
  • Creation or Update of General Information such as:
    • Organization Name
    • Defualt Reply-To-E-mail

  • Update of Billing Information such as:
    • Name
    • E-mail Address
    • Company
    • Billing Address
    • Payment Method

  • Creation or Update of Plan Information such as:
    • Current Plan
    • HIPAA Compliance
    • Import-Module ExchangeOnlineManagement

  • Creation or Update of User Information such as:
    • Connect-ExchangeOnline -UserPrincipalName

  • Creation of Account such as:
    • User Account Name
    • User Account E-mail
    • User Account Global Permission
    • User Account Two-Factor Authentication

  • Troubleshoot login such as:
    • User Account of Account Name
    • User Account of Account E-mail
    • User Account of Account Global Permissions
    • User Account Two-Factor Authentication

  • Creation or Update of E-mail Domains such as:
    • Custom e-mail domain to your account

  • Update of Default Location Information such as:
    • Country
    • Language
    • Currency
    • Time Zone

  • Creation | Update | Deletion of Intgrations such as:
    • Creation of Integration Partner
    • Update of Integration Partner
    • Deletion of Integration Partner

* Custom Email Domain requires assistance from your Domain Registrar.

Troubleshoot and fix WordPress image issues
This service includes:
  • Troubleshoot and fix issues preventing images and thumbnails from properly displaying
  • The missing images must be provided, or already be uploaded on the hosting account
Create or Update Publishing of Cognito Forms
This service includes:
  • Create or Update Seamless embed code
  • Create or Update Iframe embed code
  • Create or Update AMP embed code
  • Create or Update Share Link

* Requires assistance from your Web Hosting Service.

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